✅ HOW TO INCREASE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM for FREE (2022) 🔥 —Get 1,000 FREE Instagram Followers FAST

✅ HOW TO INCREASE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM for FREE (2022) 🔥 —Get 1,000 FREE Instagram Followers FAST


If you want to learn how to get followers on instagram fast and for free, then keep watching!

The lightning method has 4 easy steps, and if you use the steps in this video you can see rapid instagram growth and get thousands of free instagram followers! Knowing how to get instagram followers is key to growing your account, and we teach you how to do it quickly and easily in this video.

It’s a very quick and easy process, and after you apply the steps in the video to get more followers on instagram, you can watch your instagram account grow daily.

// O T H E R _ V I D S

➡️ TikTok Followers ➜ https://youtu.be/7qkgTvw0tzI
➡️ IG Stories from PC ➜ https://youtu.be/qjySY5kqz90
➡️ IG Posts from PC ➜ https://youtu.be/rjQRh4w7wYs
➡️ Deactivate IG ➜ https://youtu.be/UG8KpCGmgaQ
➡️ Delete IG ➜ https://youtu.be/2pVMwwxL_68

// G E T _ N O T I F I E D

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➡️ SHARE THE VID ➜ https://youtu.be/NObo5vna1EI
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// T H E _ R U L E S

You need to use this method carefully and not go overboard with it!

➡️ Only follow/unfollow 30 accounts per hour, and 200-300 per day in total
➡️ When I say follow/unfollow 30 accounts per hour, that means if you follow 30 people, then you need to wait 1 hour before you unfollow them, and once you unfollow them you need to wait another hour before following anyone else.
➡️ Don’t use the Lightning Method more than 2-3 times a day.

STEPS 1-4: https://www.websitewizard.tv/yt/lightning

// G E T _ S T A R T E D

Click the time stamps below to jump to that part of the video

➡️ Intro — 0:00

➡️ Step 1 — 1:22
– Follow 30 people from the IG account here. https://www.websitewizard.tv/yt/ig-step1
– Then wait 1 hour.
– Then unfollow the 30 people you followed.
– Then wait 1 hour before moving on to Step 2.

➡️ Step 2 — 2:38
– Follow 30 people. Then move on to Step 3.

➡️ Step 3 — 4:27
– Comment on up to 10 posts

➡️ Step 4 — 5:20
– Ask for shoutouts

Hi, I really love your Instagram feed, and your post on “topic”. I have a similar page to yours where I post about “page description”. I was wondering if you would be interested in giving us a shoutout in exchange for a shoutout from us, since we target the same type of audience it will benefit the both of us.

➡️ Step 5 —
– Wait at least a few hours before running through the Lightning Method again
– Don’t use it more than 2-3 times a day.

// C O M M O N _ Q U E S T I O N S

(Q) Do they unfollow?
(A) You can lose some, but the majority stick! So say you are gaining 50 a day from this, and lose say 5, you are still gaining 45 a day overall.

(Q) Why isn’t it working for me?
(A) You need to be posting quality content otherwise no one will want to follow you. Also, if your account is set to private then people will unlikely follow you as they can’t see your content and therefore have no reason to follow. Results may vary based on your Niche, your profile content, and whether your account is private or public.

(Q) Is it necessary to unfollow those who don’t follow us back?
(A) No, you don’t have to unfollow them. However, in Step 1 we follow and unfollow so we can keep using it.

(Q) How do we know if each person we follow is following us back?
(A) If you go to your followers list, when you click on their account and go to their following list, it will show you at the top if they are following you.

(Q) Why did I get an action block?
(A) Instagram have limits on the amount of Actions you can make within a given amount of time. Actions include Follows, Unfollows, Likes, Comments, DMs. If you make too many actions too quickly, then the IG Algorithm will think you could be a bot and can give you a temporary action block. Stick to the guidelines in the video to prevent this from happening.

(Q) If I get an action block, what can I do?
(A) The Action block is only temporary. When you get an action block it tells you the duration. The first time it is 1 hour, so just wait until the hour has passed and continue as normal. But if you go too fast right after your first action block, then you will get blocked again for a longer period. Don’t go overboard with it and they won’t block you because it won’t look unnatural to the IG algorithm. Use it exactly how I have outlined above, and in the video.

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