💸 Easiest $1658/Week Affiliate Marketing Method With Snapchat Ads | (2021)

💸 Easiest $1658/Week Affiliate Marketing Method With Snapchat Ads | (2021)

💸 Easiest $1658/Week Affiliate Marketing Method With Snapchat Ads | (2021)

In todays video I teach you how to make around $1500 a week with affiliate marketing if you enjoyed todays video go ahead and leave a like comment and share to your friends feel free to pause anytime you want and use all information to your advantage.

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Video Notes:
0:00 – Intro To Video

0:30 – Signing Up For Clickbank

1:00 – Picking Affiliate Link

2:50 – Signing up for Snapchat Ads

6:00 – Shorten URL Link

7:36 – Creating Ad Vert

9:00 – Configuring Ad Vert

10:30 – Key Way To Run Your Ad’s

11:17 -Demographics

14:55 -Paying for Ad Vert

15:45 -Publishing Ad Vert

16:20 -Analytics

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