#1 – DV360 Tutorial – DV360 VS Google Ads – Programmatic Advertising

#1 – DV360 Tutorial – DV360 VS Google Ads – Programmatic Advertising

#DV360 Tutorial #Display & Video 360 #Programmatic Advertising
This is the first video of the series and explains the key differences between DV360 and Google Ads

0:00 Introduction
1:05 – Difference 1
1:48 – Difference 2
2:11 – Difference 3
3:22 – Difference 4
5:26 – Difference 5
6:37 – Difference 6
7:40 – Difference 7
8:04 – Request to Subscribe 🙂

This video is about comparison between Google Ads and DV360. In case you are wondering if you should switch from Google Ads to DV360. DV360 is one of the biggest DSPs and has access to all major Ad Networks and Ad Exchanges
This is the first video in the DV360 Tutorial series. In this video series we explain about introduction, campaign setup, optimization and rtpeorting in DV360 (Display & Video 360 previously known as DBM or DoubleClick Bid Manager)
Stay tuned for 2-3 videos every week for the complete DV360 Course

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Topics covered:
Demand side platform
Supply side platform
Data Management Platform
DoubleClick Platform
Google Marketing cloud
Programmatic Advertising
Evolution of Programmatic Advertising
Evolution of Display advertising
Advertiser VS Publisher
Online Advertising
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Certification
Oracle Bluekai
Google Ads
Real Time Bidding
PG Deals
Programmatic deals
Open Auction
Preferred Deals
Doubleclick Bid Manager
Digital Marketing Course
Udemy course on Digital Marketing
Free Courses on Digital Marketing
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11 thoughts on “#1 – DV360 Tutorial – DV360 VS Google Ads – Programmatic Advertising”

  1. I am using this channel as my single source of truth for everything about programmatic.And you'll be happy to know that without having an on the job training I got 3job offers back to back for Specialist roles. You know JD's that have requirements that candidates should have 2-3 years of exp on DV360 and stuff. I got those offers by the knowledge acquired from here. Thankyou so much man 🙂 Sending some love and positive vibes from the community here 🙂

  2. Great explanation. I respect this analais. In my view… Unless you are national or international brand. I do not see a need for this. For ROAS, CPA (performance) driven companies or brands, it's better to use a user data platform like webengage or even Salesforce marketing cloud and multi channel marketing. Rely on first party data etc. For the larger ones spray and pray is fine expanding top of funnel. Im seeing a lot of traditional brands.moving to growth marketing guys abandoning their traditional digital media buying agencies. There's a gap for sure. Perhaps what I'm calling the traditional media agencies aren't doing a good job of explaining what value they bring by using their processes. Only when I speak to someone on that side I can figure out. But if you're in such a setup, i can vouch that come clients are happy. Please give them a reason to continue to invest in these enterprise things

  3. Hi Ovais, Could you plz advise if someone has to make career in digital ops and start from the scratch. What is the way to start? Should they join any course or internship to learn everything like GAM/ Dv360/Programmatic? Plz advise.

  4. what are minimum requirements to get approval of DSP platforms like mediamath..OPENX ..rubicon …DV360?? all have different criteria?? and Do we have to pay them even after for approval???

  5. Hi Sir. Thank you so sharing this informative video. This short quick comparison will really help us to crack the interview if something related asked.

    Also sir. From last 6 months I am looking for a digital agency in Dubai to start my career with. Can you please help me on that?

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