1 Thing That Will Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Agency Growth

1 Thing That Will Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Agency Growth

In this video, I talk about the power of self-worth and value & the impact that it can have on your social media marketing agency’s growth rate.


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10 thoughts on “1 Thing That Will Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Agency Growth”

  1. If a client wants to lower your price get up and walk away, im sure they wouldnt let there customers have anything at reduced price…. always know your worth and never settle for less.

  2. If everyone starts marketing for nothing they will ruin the industry like what has happen in the Car business . Newbies paying to much to get used cars at auction and cutting profits for everyone. By the way Jordan when I first watched your video I was like omg he talks to much and too fast lol. but then after watching a few of your videos I see that you are very smart and full of knowledge . I like the way you think ๐Ÿ™‚ learning .

  3. Good video Jordan! Thanks for the reminder on self worth. If you do not have a mindset section on your course yet, I encourage you to have it soon. Let's connect and chat my friend.

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