10 Amazon FBA Beginner Mistakes You MUST Avoid!

10 Amazon FBA Beginner Mistakes You MUST Avoid!

Make an extra $10-$10,000 a year selling on Amazon FBA by avoiding these ten common mistakes that beginners make! Learn what these are and how you can avoid them to save thousands of dollars!

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0:00 Intro
0:30 1st Amazon Mistake
3:30 2nd Amazon Mistake
6:30 Amazon Product Research Methods
10:04 3rd Amazon Mistake
13:53 4th Amazon Mistake
16:34 5th Amazon Mistake
19:19 6th Amazon Mistake
22:36 7th Amazon Mistake
25:09 8th Amazon Mistake
28:05 9th Amazon Mistake
32:17 10th Amazon Mistake


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10 thoughts on “10 Amazon FBA Beginner Mistakes You MUST Avoid!”

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  2. Instead of the $997 for your course instruction, I would rather give you equity in my AFBA start-up. This will potentially be much greater than the fees for mentoring. Equity for you vs. Course income. Let me know what you think.

  3. Hey Travis. Thank you for the amazing content. I am leveraging both Amazon FBA and Shopify to sell my products. Given that Shopify has finally launched its fulfillment network, do you think I should look into using the Shopify fulfillment network for my Shopify sales or use Amazon to ship, which apparently is an easy integration process. Thank you for your advice!

  4. We have been selling for 81 days . We have optimised for TOS percentage our TACOS is 150% . 95% of our sales come through one campaign with CPC of $6.5. What should we do to lower the TACOS . We want to acieve a TACOS of 10% , how much time would this take and is it at all possible?

  5. Hey Bro I have a full-time job do you think i can make money just the retail arbitrage way? Like I have no problem bargain hunting on clearance racks🥴

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