10 Reasons to NOT Start on YouTube (And Why You Actually Should)

10 Reasons to NOT Start on YouTube (And Why You Actually Should)

This video is all about ten reasons not to start a YouTube channel. These are ten of the most common excuses I hear on a day to day basis. People often use these ten excuses as reasons to not start their YouTube channel but in reality, most of these people just do not make YouTube their priority. It is always easier to talk about stuff than it is to do it, so when people say they want to start a channel, or they have plans to start someday but they do not, this is the video for you/them. I break down the ten biggest reasons “not to start on YouTube” and then debunk these myths to help you realize that now is a great time to start on YouTube. I hope this video helps you to decide to start a channel and achieve your greatest dreams/goals!

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10 thoughts on “10 Reasons to NOT Start on YouTube (And Why You Actually Should)”

  1. what if you suck at being creative and don't know what to make……..ugh! lol I have different things I like but some of them prob wouldn't be on the same channel

  2. This video is criminally underrated…this video deserves millions of views. I loved this, seriously ! This is the first time I am watching a video of yours, Mike. I watch Nate’s channel because I have interest in finance but I must say you are really good. Thank you for this

  3. I feel an immediate connection as a physics major :')
    Thinking of how to balance school with my love for photography and creating-great video!

  4. not to start a Youtube channel.
    1. More viewers.
    2. nothing in interested in.
    3. Not good in camera.
    4. tools
    5. software
    6. Ads.
    7. Time.
    8. Procrastinations.
    9. Boring studios.
    10. People laugh.

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