10 Ways to Get More Traffic and Visitors to Your Online  Store

10 Ways to Get More Traffic and Visitors to Your Online Store

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1. Organic traffic SEO you don’t know what it is it’s trying to rank number one in Google when someone types in something for instance for my company if they were to type in dance shorts I want to be number one now I’m currently not for a variety of factors mostly because the other people have much bigger budgets than I have they’re multi multi-million dollar companies

3. Content marketing. So if you don’t know what content marketing is let me explain a little bit basically one type of content marketing is spotlight marketing but hold on to that for a second. So content marketing is basically putting up articles putting up YouTube

4. PR press releases public relations also let its dance floor get featured on blogs create relationships with bloggers and get them to feature your products. So with Bdancewear clothing company I might reach out to people that have dance related blog send them free stuff do cool stuff. So that they actually will feature us on their blog the other thing is you can use spotlight marketing to build relationships I’ve done this I’ve reached out to bloggers and said

5. Social media now you probably know a little bit about social media by now and you probably know that your business needs to have it but here’s my favorite platforms personally for social media Facebook which is the king of social media if your brand is not on

6. AdWords this is one of my favorite ones not the favorite one that’s coming up next but this is one of my favorite one. So if you don’t know what AdWords are let me explain a little bit you get this bid on keywords that people search for in Google flips like this out there you’ve probably seen Google ads before you type in something and there’s an ad showing up well the way they targeted

7. Product listing ads. So like I said this is probably my favorite type of ad period and if you haven’t seen these before they’re the ones that you see like if you were to type in red Dan shirts you’d see a picture of red Dan shorts and a price underneath those are product listing ads and the reason they are. So powerful is basically they have that price underneath. So they show intent. So when people look at them and they click on it because they’re willing to buy it because of that price. So it’s not like they’re just

8. Paid social media this is one of our more popular things that people are interested in always asking questions about there is a Facebook Ads tutorial down below. So Facebook Ads one of the types you can do is. So much cool stuff with Facebook ads and I’m

8. Retargeting and display ads. So let’s talk about a little bit what retargeting can display ads now retargeting display ads probably are the best return on your investment which is what I mean by that it’s for every dollar you spend probably going to make the most money back and why these are. So powerful is because people have come to your website once they already know about you and

9. Paying for placement – let’s talk about this a little bit you can pay for placement on blocks a lot of blogs they will allow you to spend a certain amount of money like I’m currently advertising on one blog where it’s bucks for three months and we get a banner on their blog now pretty interesting it’s something I’m worth trying out on top of that you could also probably pay for an article or some

10. Influencer marketing like I said this is somewhat related to number you can do this on Instagram Twitter snapchat YouTube anything now there’s different ways to do this sometimes you can pay them to do it like I talked about a number or you can just send them a free product and there’s. So many ways to hack this and do
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