$14,814.07 in My First Month of Amazon FBA – My Secrets Exposed

$14,814.07 in My First Month of Amazon FBA – My Secrets Exposed

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1. Make A Community of People
Make a tribe, make a group where you send notifications to so on the day you release your product, they buy it. Instead of an email, you have an entire group behind you

2. Build An Email List
When you launch a product, you’re going to email everyone and they’re going to know that it’s available. Another tip is to make the price lower. When I first launched my product, I made the price lower and told them they will never be able to get the product for such a low price. Building an email list before you launch is extremely helpful.

3. Build An Instagram Page
You just need the basics, create a page and add relatively good content that is related to your niche. Then, follow, like, and comment to other people’s accounts. The goal is to engage with them and show them that you’re a real person trying to launch a good product out there.

4. Perfect Your Product Page
How do you do this? You need to have the key words that people would search for in google. You need to have these words in your title and you need to have well-crafted bullet points. You also need to craft your images really well.

5. 5. Lead Up
2 or 3 weeks before the launch, send out emails letting people know that your product is going live soon.


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8 thoughts on “$14,814.07 in My First Month of Amazon FBA – My Secrets Exposed”

  1. Hey Travis, I love watching your videos about PNB, you really put a lot of heart into this!

    But I found your channel because I am thinking about starting an e-commerce business (quite legit, talking directly with manufacturers and shipping products from my country to whole EU).

    My impression was that you were quite successful even without your own product, and so I thought that I should try doing similar things. Do you now no longer recommend doing standard e-commerce if you don't have your own brand?

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