2021 Bid Strategy For Google Ads | What Should Your Bidding Strategy Be?

2021 Bid Strategy For Google Ads | What Should Your Bidding Strategy Be?

2021 Google Ads Bid Strategy: Walkthrough of my new favorite bidding strategy for 2021 and beyond.

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My name is Rob Andolina and I’m from right outside of Philadelphia (Super Bowl XXXIX Champs!!) Aside from running these Google Ads video tutorials that you guys love so much on YouTube :P, I am co-owner of Clicks Geek, a Certified Google Premier Partner Google Ads agency. We at Clicks Geek strive to create the highest quality Google Ads training videos out there. Our aim is to demystify the Google Ads platform and supply our audience AND our clients with the knowledge, sales skills and marketing materials to win deals and grow local businesses in the process.

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9 thoughts on “2021 Bid Strategy For Google Ads | What Should Your Bidding Strategy Be?”

  1. Google robbed me smh… they owe me $97 because they showed my make money online video to the wrong audience… I provided screenshot proof of this and they still didnt refund me my money smh

  2. Thanks for the helpful video. Would you also start with maximise clicks and not conversions for ecommerce (not google shopping but normal search ads). And is the reason for this just to get as many clicks into google's knowledge of your ads so that it can then work out the conversions for when you shift?

  3. Hey great video! I have a question tho. Under the “bidding” selection area, at the bottoms it says “Or, select a bid strategy directly (not recommended)”. Should I click “Maximize Clicks”under that tab or should I just click “Clicks” the way you do in this video?

    Or does it not matter?

    Thanks in advance!

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