3 Books I’ve Read Twice | SMMA & Online Business

3 Books I’ve Read Twice | SMMA & Online Business

In this video I’m showing you three books that I’ve personally read twice. These are some of my favourite books ever. All of them are great for SMMA owners, but they’re an amazing read for any entrepreneur / online business owner.

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This channel is designed to assist social media marketing agency owners in growing their agencies. I upload videos when a relevant subject pops into my mind, not every single day to play by the algorithms. sorry. additionally, i upload personal videos from time to another, to give an insight into what my life as an agency owner looks like.

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5 thoughts on “3 Books I’ve Read Twice | SMMA & Online Business”

  1. Dale "Carnegie" – pronounced Car-Knee-Ghee 🙂

    As for Scientific Advertising; I swear I mentioned this to you in a comment from a video you did way back when you were uploading and filming them from your "broom cupboard" 🙂 I stated that no one should go into business until they've read it. I think it's THE best book on advertising. I find the oldies are always the Goldies!

    "All the important and valuable information crammed into a thin book" – that's a million dollar review right there 🙂 and wholly true Sander! They never used to mince words back then and they were the pioneers of all advertising today, no wonder then the Bible says "there's no new thing under the sun" – that's what all the new books do, mainly regurgitate the classics so they can sell their own book.

    Another good one is the one minute millionaire. It's like two stories in one, with one story written on one side of the page and the other story written on the other side of the page. Its quite unique, and a really good read!

  2. Hi Sander, good video as usual, I'm from Italy and I would like to ask you what do you think about SMMA B2C (business to customer) by selling them real followers, here in Italy is pretty popular

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