3 Sources to Find Great-Looking Images for Anything (Especially Affiliate Marketing)!

3 Sources to Find Great-Looking Images for Anything (Especially Affiliate Marketing)!

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Free image websites discussed in video:


Paid image websites discussed in video:


Hey all!

In this video, I give you some simple sources for good images.

2 of the sources I cover are free and the 3rd one is paid.

1. The first source is any kind of free picture website. This includes some of the sites I listed above, but there are a lot of them. Every one of these sites is generally really different, so if you don’t find something you want in the first one, you can go through them all and type in the same query to see if you can find something better-suited to your needs.

As mentioned, there are many such free-image sites, but the ones I use first are Pexels and Pixabay – I found these 2 generally have what I’m looking for.

One important thing to note here is that there are many sponsored images shown on these sites as well – be careful not to accidentally download one of these images as there are just ads placed in the right places to try to get you to buy. So when you actually do download the images, make sure it says “free download”.

One thing I also like to do with these images is sometimes add them into a collage – so take a few images I like and mesh them all together in Photoshop. This might sometimes make your image go from “OK” quality to high quality.

2. The second source you can use for images is simply Google Images!

You can type in anything you want into Google images and you’ll get a plethora of images that can suit your needs. ALTHOUGH – it’s super important that you also go into settings and set the image criteria as “free to use or share, even commercially”.

Commerially means that you will be using these images in any way to make eventual money out of it, so you need to have this option selected. Some images will allow you to use or share images, but NOT commercially, and these aren’t the ones you want to use since you will be making a profit directly or indirectly with the images.

If you will be modifying the images in any way, such the ways we talked about before where you can make a “collage”, you should then select the “free to use, share OR modify, even commercially” option. This will allow you to do absolutely anything you want with the images, whether you are using them to sell or not. Keep in mind that you can’t actually sell the images themselves – that would be copyright infingement and you definitely want to stay away from that. But using the images on your site/blog/ads is totally acceptable.

ALSO – important to keep in mind that if you are going through Google images, you definitely want to check the images before downloading them to make sure that they are indeed free.

Just because you set the settings are “free to use or share, even commercially”, doesn’t mean that all the images listed will actually allow you to do that. So you will need to click on the images you really like, go to that website, and then just make sure if they are indeed completely free to use.

3. The third and final source for great images are paid image sites, like Shutterstock, or iStock. These images are pretty expensive, but they are the highest quality, so personally I use them only when I know my current campaign is performing well or I anticipate a campaign to perform well.

You should also carefully look at the pricing plans for these images. There are many plans they have and depending on your goal, you should carefully select the one that best suits it. The standard plan that I select is the 5 image plan on Shutterstock for $49. I can then get the images i need whenever I need to, with a 1 year deadline.

However at some point I was working on a membership site, and knew that I needed hundreds of good, high-quality images.

So I selected the monthly 350 images/month plan and then just selected all and every image I needed. Obviously the 5 images for $49 would be too expensive for that.

You can also buy the monthly plan, stock up on high-quality photos, and then just cancel the recurring subscription.

That’s it!

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  1. Hi Ivan, nice video! You can also use JumpStory. Have you heard about it? It’s both got authentic images and design tools in one. Thanks again for a cool video.

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