4 TOOLS TO RANK #1 ON YOUTUBE (Four free tools Nate and I use)

4 TOOLS TO RANK #1 ON YOUTUBE (Four free tools Nate and I use)

In this video, I talk about the four best tools Nate and I use to rank our videos in the top ten results for our tags on YouTube. Please comment below which tools you use/like best!

In 2019, it is not easy to rank a video #1 on YouTube in competitive categories unless you use the proper tools. There are hundreds of free and paid tools available to youtube creators, all trying to rank their videos #1 on YouTube. With these four simple free tools, you can choose the best tags for your videos, optimize your video for the YT algorithm, and create the best possible click through rate. By choosing tags which are highly searched and less competitive, your channel can break through and gain the traffic your channel needs to rank #1 in even the most competitive categories.
By optimizing your content for the YT algorithm, you can be sure that your videos are recognized on the platform and presented to the audience in search of your videos.
Lastly, by optimizing your click through rate (CTR), you can be sure that when your video starts to rank in the top 10 on YouTube, the people who see your video will click on it and watch your content! These three powerful tactics can help you rank #1 on YouTube and allow you to perform the video seo you need. These free seo tools can be found just online without any downloads or credit cards. Please comment your favorite youtube ranking tool in the comment section below! Thank you for watching!


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