5 Reasons Why Your Drop Servicing Offer Isn’t Selling

5 Reasons Why Your Drop Servicing Offer Isn’t Selling

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Drop Servicing Offer Isn’t Selling

Why my Drop servicing business is not getting any sales? Why are my listings not getting any response? What’s the problem?

I get this asked very often recently and i will be sharing the top 5 reasons why your Drop Servicing offer isn’t selling and how you can overcome them!

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1) Drop Servicing: How to Get More Sales (9 Reasons Why People Buy) – https://youtu.be/MWbH1EYewWQ
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10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Drop Servicing Offer Isn’t Selling”

  1. Hi, awesome content! Few questions, hope you can answer them.

    Do I need the Business Paypal type?

    Is Paypal enough or do I need to setup another/second payment method like Stripe, just like doing multiple payment options in dropshipping on Shopify?

    When hiring freelancers, do I need to tell them that I'm dropservicing or acting like a service middleman between them and the client, whatever you call it?

  2. Hey.. ✌️i have started my drop servicing but the main thing is… i don't have much to spend on advertisement so can u help me out how to get few cilents for without doing advertisement 😢..
    it will mean a lot❤️ if u help me out..

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