6 Real-Life Examples of Affiliate Marketing

6 Real-Life Examples of Affiliate Marketing

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So in the previous video we went through affiliate marketing and I explained it in thorough detail (check the video out above).

In this video, I wanted to go through some examples with you of affiliate marketing at play in the real world.

Since we learned what affiliate marketing is and how it works, you must be curious how to actually use the affiliate links and where to place them.

In this video I go over some examples of affiliate marketing and how people use the links we discussed in their business.

Let’s get started!

✔ Example #1: Top 10 VPNs review website

See the site we talk about here: https://www.top10.com/vpn

This is one of the best examples of affiliate marketing – a review site.

People go to review sites to learn more about all the different options they have and compare them with each other.

For the people visiting your site, there is immense value here since they can compare and contrast all the options in one place.

For the affiliate, there is a huge opportunity to use your affiliate links here and promote your products, as Steve does in this example.

Note how Steve carefully lays out and compares all the products and then has affiliate links pointing to the sites.

Yes, these are all most likely affiliate links, and no, no one will create such detailed blogs/review sites for free… so you can expect to see affiliate links in most places, but it’s a matter of believing the person you are clicking the links of that helps you determine if the links are legitimate or just random links that the affiliate has scattered throughout their website to make money.

✔ Example #2: Top 30 wallets review website

See the site we talk about here: https://www.menshealth.com/technology-gear/g19548477/best-wallets/

Same as with the first example – another review site, but this time for something more common that people know about – wallets.

This is very similar to the first example, but we do see some Amazon affiliate links here as well. Just wanted to show you another variation of a review site.

✔ Example #3: Keto diet meal plans website

See the site we talk about here: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/keto-diet-meal-plan-and-menu

This is not a review site, but a regular website/blog.

I wanted to show you that you don’t ONLY need to have a review site to make affiliate marketing work for you.

This is a standard “keto diet” website that provides you with some meal plans and menus.

This came up when I typed in “keto diet meal plan” in Google, so they are definitely doing pretty well in SEO (search engine optimization).

Also, I wanted to show you that you don’t need to have links in the description of your content. This website has banners on the sides, ie. little square pictures in various dimensions that take you to a specific website, usually an affiliate marketing site.

In this example, they are promoting MailChimp for me for example, which is an email autoresponder software.

✔ Example #4: YouTube video

See the video we talk about here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwONmhK_pYQ />
Have you ever noticed that so many YouTube videos always offer positive reviews and just always have so many nice things to say about everything?

Part of the reason is that these YouTubers have their affiliate links in the description of the videos.

Now this video I show in the example is a legitimate channel and promotes good content that they themselves use, but some channels just create mass videos on various topics and only offer the best reviews so that they can use their affiliate links in the description.

In this example, Sean (one of the person in the video) discusses how to grow a YouTube channel and he uses shares some of the products he uses himself, adding his affiliate links in the description.

✔ Example #5: Paid Google ad

You don’t always need to have a website or YouTube channel to make money with affiliate marketing.

We looked at a Google ad that was promoting ClickFunnels and led people to their landing page, but it could have just as easily led people to the ClickFunnels website instead (even though that’s against ClickFunnels affiliate terms and conditions).

Although it is recommended that you do have your own website so that you can build out your email list and build up your own asset.

✔ Example #6: Paid Microsoft ad

Same as with the example above, but on Microsoft Ads instead of Google. Paid ads allow for much faster results than with organic traffic, which is one of the reasons why I personally prefer to use paid advertising to make money with affiliate marketing.

You can find a product to promote and start marketing it with paid ads today.

That’s it!

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