7 Secrets to Success with Amazon FBA

7 Secrets to Success with Amazon FBA

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In this video, I will share with you 7 Amazon secrets I have tried and tested in selling my own product.


One of the most powerful tips nobody is talking about is creating a launch group. It is where you get potential customers to a Facebook group. It can also be on Instagram or an email list. Putting people in a Facebook group is very powerful. This is how you share and get feedback on your product. So when you launch on Amazon, the people in your launch group are going to feel invested in your product. They are also most likely to leave comments.


You need to have a good TITLE which contains a lot of keywords. Things that people would search for on Amazon to find your product. You also need to make sure that it’s enticing to your customers. You also get 5 BULLET POINTS where you can highlight the benefits of your product.
The MAIN IMAGE is probably the most important part of your product page. Put as much energy and effort in making a good main image as you can. This is what people look at before they click on your product. I recommend using a high-quality, computer generated image. You also want to add as many OTHER IMAGES as you possibly can. Photos of your product in different angles and all the ways to use it. The REVIEWS section is the next most important. You need to do anything you can to get as many good reviews as possible. If you haven’t yet, get a TRADEMARK as early as possible, to allow you to get brand registered on Amazon. This will allow you to add branded content. Use this section to convince potential customers to buy your product. You can also add a VIDEO which would allow allow you to convey things you might not be able to on images. I also highly recommend putting yourself on the video to let people know that they are buying from a real person. You can also use the Q&A section to alleviate any concerns potential customers might have.

This is a ninja hack I recently found out about. THe first thing it does is it makes your product stand out in the search results. Also, people are more likely to click on your product when it has that green badge that shows a percentage of discount. People who do click on your product are more likely to convert into a sale because they feel like they’re getting a deal.

4. PPC
PPC advertising with Amazon is extremely powerful and profitable. There’s two main types:
Sponsored brands and Sponsored products. In Sponsored products, you can do Product targeting or Keyword targeting.
In Keyword Targeting your ad will show in search results when people type in certain keywords. In Product Targeting your ad will show when people search for certain products.
There’s also a very nifty feature called Automatic targeting where Amazon does all the work in finding profitable traffic for you.

The way it works is you basically give a discount anytime someone buy more than 1 of your product. This makes people want to buy more,. This is very powerful because Amazon sees that you’re selling more which means you’re more likely to be ranked higher in the search results.

You need to make your product stand out, because if it doesn’t, nobody’s gonna click on it. And if nobody clicks on it in the search results, nobody’s gonna buy it.
The perfect product to sell on Amazon is one that you created. It’s got to be unique and there’s got to be something unique about it. It should be something you’re passionate about. This will make it so much easier to do every step of this. When I created my product, Performance Nut Butter, it was so much easier to get the company up and running because I knew what the customers wanted. Because I was the customer.

Within a month of launching in Amazon, I hit the goal that I had when I first quit my corporate job, making 6 figures passive income.


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