7 Steps to How I Created a Product and Made $14,752 Online in Just 30 Days

7 Steps to How I Created a Product and Made $14,752 Online in Just 30 Days

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Creating a product is more than just thinking of a way to make money the fastest, you have to think deeper and more creative. You need to create a mindset on how you can add value to the world than just thinking of ‘making money’. In this video, I’ll be showing you step by step on how to do just that and make over $14,000 online in just 30 days.

Here Are The 7 Tactics On How To Create A Product:

1. Mindset
Apple and Nike started with just a few products that they turned into big businesses. Stop thinking on how to make quick cash and start thinking on how you can put value to the world. That is how money works, it is a value exchange. If you can create something that people can find valuable, you are going to create more money in a much more sustained way.

2. Idea For A Product
I have a few tactics on creating ideas for products, one tactic is by looking at your credit card statement for the last 12 months and look where you spent your money. Especially look at where you spent more money than you should’ve. Another tactic is for the next 30 days, every time before you go to bed, write down one idea. It does not matter how bad the idea is, but after 30 days, you will be able to see a pattern on what kind of products you wished existed. Another tip is that you should make your products niched down. You do not want it to be for everybody because then it won’t really be for anybody.

3. Start Building A Tribe
When creating a product, you really want to focus on a few thousand people who are your true fans. If you can make a product for a thousand people, more people will buy it and try it. Let me tell you how I was able to build a tribe for my product. First, I created an Instagram account. I started commenting, following, liking, and direct messaging people who were in my target demographics. Another thing I did is I placed a link in my instagram account where they could sign up and win a free box of my product. I also engaged with people through emails, and that is how I built my tribe. Through them, I was able to ask questions such as which logo designs looked better and etc. Another thing is thinking where would your target demographics hang out and possibly make connections there.

4. Mock Up/Samples
Create mock ups and samples and start testing it. Your mock ups does not have to be super elaborate, just come up with something and start there.

5. Influencers
This is optional, you can find influencers near you. They can help answer some of your questions and help put the word out there about your product.

6. Launch The Product
The method I used is first, I went to KickStarter and then I went to Amazon FBA and then I went to my Shopify site. The process will be what is called a ‘Drip Campaign’. With the Tribe you built, the Instagram account, and Facebook group you created, you need to post a video that tells people that the launch will be in x number of days, tell them to share the video to get a chance to win x product. Then you can post it again 7 days before the launch then 3 days before the launch and so on. The goal is to get them excited and letting them know ahead of time when your product will be launching.

So, Kickstarter, Amazon FBA, or Shopify? Which one first? If you want to test the market and do not have a lot of capital, do a Kickstarter first. If you know that you are sure with your product and you know that it is going to be a success, then go do Amazon FBA.

7. Getting It Manufactured
Of course, the last step is to manufacture your product. This can come before or after step 6. Do your research on AliExpress or Alibaba and check where your competitors are having their products then start making phone calls. People tend to overcomplicate this step so just watch out for my video where I’ll be explaining more on this.
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10 thoughts on “7 Steps to How I Created a Product and Made $14,752 Online in Just 30 Days”

  1. When you showed the $14,752 it said PLEDGE out of $10,000….. Idk if anyone else noticed that… but does that mean you raised $14,752 or MADE that much…. I'm confused…

  2. Few days ago, I found drop shipping is interesting. but next day (after searching lots of YouTube videos) I realized it is super red ocean and I should go step further than other people. To find winning product and get an experience for ecommerce, drop shipping can be a good starting point, but it can never be the goal. Important thing is creating my own brand and product. Thx for showing me right next step I was looking for haha.

  3. Around 13min 54, you mention that you told your tribe that PNB was cheaper on your shopify store, what was the advantage of getting them away from Amazon? Thanks in advance! Great vid BTW

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