8 Keys To Success With Facebook Lead Generation Ads

8 Keys To Success With Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Want to know how to get better results with Facebook Lead Generation ads?

Facebook lead generation campaigns are easy to create, but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically generate great results.

In this video I give you 8 keys to success for lead generation campaigns on Facebook.

After the iOS 14 changes, more advertisers are going to be using Facebook Lead Generation campaigns…

With these 8 tips, you’ll have a much better chance of generating lots of lead from Facebook ads…

And at a great cost per lead.

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10 thoughts on “8 Keys To Success With Facebook Lead Generation Ads”

  1. Hey Ben, could you make a video on targeting specific countries vs. worldwide, AFTER lookalikes audiences now use the ad set locations? You videos are helping me a ton but haven't seem to find anything on exactly this.

  2. I really like your vides, just now found your account and that's amazing.
    I had a question please, I've managed few AD accounts and all of them the same. Some of the ADs doing good, like we are getting a lot of leads, but some of them we are getting very few leads, (some leads cost us more than $25) Did I make mistakes somewhere? I can't find the answer, we even changed the pictures, form, primary text, but still!
    I would appreciate If I can get answers from you or from anybody!!!

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. It's very annoying how you will explain how to do something, and leave one important piece of information out, and tie it together for another video… You're a marketing advertiser, who also has a youtube channel with tons of videos. I'm sure you're doing just fine to where you don't have to post another video. considering I subscribed liking your channel, and find myself going in loops now. Not everyone has this amount of time to go through all of these videos, much less click on them in hopes that your description for your videos will indeed have the answer someone is looking for…. If you're sharing information to help people, complete the process in at least one of your videos?

  4. Great video, very informative! I have used FB ads and it's right on point. The quality of the leads can be poor and you definitely have to be willing to develop the lead and have patience. I always try to remember they completed the form at a moment's notice and they weren't seeking it out, not like google.

  5. Hi, Please guide
    I am going with Lead Campaign but getting recommended from facebook to try conversation campaign.

    It's mentioned many adventures who use the Facebook pixel see lower costs per results with conversions campaigns

    Please guide shall I go with Lead Campaign??

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