9 Habits of Wealthy SEO Experts

9 Habits of Wealthy SEO Experts

Why do some SEO experts make 1000x more money than others?

There are many reasons, but there’s one big problem:

Most wannabe experts are focused on TACTICS.

Tactics come and go.

But you know what doesn’t?

Human behavior and psychology.

If you don’t know how to master yourself, you’ll never succeed in SEO (or anything).

And developing the right habits will make you 1000% more successful as an SEO expert (and entrepreneur).

In this video, I’ll explain 9 habits that have helped me build financial freedom through SEO.


It has nothing to do with working harder.

10 thoughts on “9 Habits of Wealthy SEO Experts”

  1. Hey, Nathan
    What an amazing share।👍
    Though I follow some of them and can relate very much mentioned in it, but sad, many yet to look into. 
    Thanks for the wonderful share. 
    It's really interesting to know about the Indian guy you hired 👍 but sad to note that, it's really difficult to get a reliable one in this sin-striken cheating world. Good to know about the amazing books too, how can we get it?
    Keep sharing ।
    All good wishes from Philipscom Associates Hyderabad India.
    PS: I am going to embed this video in one of my SEO blog posts on my site pvariel dot com.
    P V Ariel

  2. That’s a serious stuff, love you content Nathan,
    Was watching your video on keyword research where you have mentioned the practical
    Stuff.however could not find the sheets as you have mention in the video, is there any to grab those google sheets.

  3. I had to bookmark this video to make sure I go back and check if I got to apply it on my own productivity issues. Thank you very much for this clip, Nathan.

  4. What you just said about eating THE SAME THING EVERY DAY is one of the most important behaviors for everyone to do in their lives. You learn not only so much about your body and what you can and cannot eat, but it establishes a baseline and you optimize it more and more, saving you time in all areas. Of course, healthy food is the key. For me its no dairy, no wheat, and most importantly, no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or any processed foods. That is literally why we created Blate Papes. It changed our lives doing this.

  5. Hey Nathan thanks for another great video, you mentioned the book "Emyth" for learning how to systemize better. Which version of the Emyth were you referring to? On Amazon there are about 5 of them, is it the "Revisited" version (with a white & blue cover) or the "Masteryx version (white & orange cover)?

    Thanks for all the knowledge and hard work 🙂

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