A Message To My 20 Year Old Self…

A Message To My 20 Year Old Self…

📝 A Letter To My 20 Year Old Self… (My Younger Self)

Today’s video is a little different…

And I’m not going to lie, it’s probably more targeted at the younger members of my audience.

Here are 5 things I wish I knew 6 years ago, back when I was 20 years old.

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10 thoughts on “A Message To My 20 Year Old Self…”

  1. My name is Jordan so I felt like you were talking to me. Great job. I've been thinking about doing Facebook ads for a while. Watched you since you quit your job.

  2. I’m 20 and feel trapped, I’ve had the same burning feeling of wanting to make it out the mud and help others since high school as well. This video is so relatable. I know I’ll make it out the mud eventually

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