Advanced SEO Training for Affiliate Marketing (2022)

Advanced SEO Training for Affiliate Marketing (2022)

Using a repeatable SEO process is the key to growing your affiliate website’s traffic and revenue in 2022.

In this free training, you’ll watch me break down an affiliate marketing website’s SEO live.

This is from one of our weekly SEO coaching sessions within Gotch SEO Academy.

If you’d like this level of help, apply for our program: (warning: it’s not for everyone. It’s only for people who are serious about using SEO to grow their business).

Resources mentioned:

Surfer SEO ➡️

10 thoughts on “Advanced SEO Training for Affiliate Marketing (2022)”

  1. Hey Nathan, how you doin man.. Firstly, thanx a bunch for taking the time to produce the material you do. Really awesome of you. My question is likely one you've heard many times (or something a lot like it). I'm 39, just exiting a career of construction and management. After a lot of time spent pondering what I could/should do next with my life, I discovered I'm keen about digital marketing and coding. That being said, would you mind expanding on the actual time needed to become proficient at SEO. I'm really intrigued by it (I love chess, and SEO is somewhat similar in the sense that it can be very strategic) but I watch someone like you and I'm thinking, "how many years till I can do half this guy's doin, lol.. Allow me to refine the question, lol… Realistically, what is a safe amount of time (if I'm really diligent) to become fairly competent at SEO. ——Once again, thanx a bunch for the hard work you put in.

  2. Thanks Nathan. I came across your channel when I was learning about Seo, and I become a fan since then. I started using surffer seo from your recommendation and see this is great tool for on page seo. About increasing page speed, what hosting are you recommend to use? Thanks again!

  3. Hello Nathan, from the video you made mention of investing money on links to rank. Does that mean i can buy quality links and not get penalized for it? Secondly I’ll like to know if your ultimate guide for link building works too for a new wocommerce site. Hope to get a respond from you


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