AdWords Campaign Structure Tutorial | Structure Your Campaigns to WIN

AdWords Campaign Structure Tutorial | Structure Your Campaigns to WIN

This video about setting the proper google ads campaign structure and why it is vitally important to your AdWords campaign success. Without having the proper campaign structure in place you can get crushed with low quality scores, low conversion rates, high cost per clicks and just generally a terribly wasteful experience using Google Ads Platform.

Campaign Structure Image:

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My name is Rob Andolina and I’m from right outside of Philadelphia (Super Bowl XXXIX Champs!!) Aside from running these Google Ads video tutorials that you guys love so much on YouTube :P, I am co-owner of Clicks Geek, a Certified Google Premier Partner agency. We at Clicks Geek strive to create the highest quality Google Ads training videos out there. Our aim is to demystify the Google Ads platform and supply our audience AND our clients with the knowledge, sales skills and marketing materials to win deals and grow local businesses in the process.

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► Items discussed in this video
– Creating Ad Group Themes.
– Deciding What Keywords Go Into Your Ad Groups.
– The Importance Of Your Ad Group Ad RELEVANCY.
– Ad Group Themed Landing Pages.

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6 thoughts on “AdWords Campaign Structure Tutorial | Structure Your Campaigns to WIN”

  1. Thank you for your tome. As you are using very specific keyword. Do you prefer to use in this structure the specific match or phrase match.? In case of specific match do you create another ad group to broad match or not? Thank you in advance !

  2. Thanks rob, bit new to all of this and trying to get my feet wet before offering a compelling service, just a quick question is the "MAX CPC : $8.51" is that the cost per click for the enitre campaign regardless of what ad is clicked on?

  3. The visualization of the campaign structure is very helpful. For a business that targets several cities in a state, do you find it is better to create your campaigns around a service and have different ad groups for the various cities you serve or should you create a campaign for the city (and limit the campaign location to that specific city) with products as ad groups? It looks like in the mobile repair example you had a few different ad groups built around Detroit terms, but what if you also wanted to target Dearborn, MI nearby?

  4. Nice video. With ad groups 'roof repairs' and 'Philadelphia roof repairs' is there no risk of both keywords interfering with each other? What with all the changes with Google adding in 'close variants'? A while ago I got some alerts from Google saying I had multiple keywords basically doing the same thing, would this be the case here too?

  5. Thanks for the content Rob. I do have a question regarding structure at the campaign level. Let’s say we have a lawn care/snow removal small business that covers 3 cities. Would the ideal structure be a campaign per city for a total of 3 campaigns each holding a total of 2 ad groups being lawn care and snow removal or just 1 campaign with a total of 6 ad groups which will cover all three cities lawn care and snow removal?

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