Affluent CEO Breaks Down Social Media Marketing (Millionaire Secret) | JORDAN PLATTEN

Affluent CEO Breaks Down Social Media Marketing (Millionaire Secret) | JORDAN PLATTEN

From quitting his corporate job aged 23 years old to making a 6-figure income in just 90 days – this is Jordan Platten’s story.
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You’re most likely to have heard of Jordan Platten as the founder of the digital marketing agency and e-learning business, The Affluent Academy.

Jordan started his first business at just 22 years of age and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

Watch the full interview, “Affluent CEO Breaks Down Social Media Marketing”, to find out all about his exciting journey!

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6 thoughts on “Affluent CEO Breaks Down Social Media Marketing (Millionaire Secret) | JORDAN PLATTEN”

  1. Developing verbal ability! I love this whole interview/exchange, but most of all, developing verbal ability. I have said for years, that if I could draw what I see in my head, I'd be a millionaire. I see things that people tell me, or that I read, in pictures. I cannot draw! LOL So I learned to describe, in my writing. Now thanks to Jeff Lerner and Entre, I am expanding my speaking skills to video! Thank you Jeff!

  2. Great interview β€” because Jeff Lerner had β€œexcellent” interview skills and listening/responding skills, which motivated me to view the entire video. Having a high-quality guest like Jordan Platten (who shared his social media marketing expertise) added to learning experience. Appreciated.

  3. Great interview. Very interesting.
    Lots of great advice, especially with YouTube . And something I already know, if something is FREE, it's not worth having.
    Thank you Jeff!!!!

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