Agency Overdrive w/ Isaac Rudansky *Review*

Agency Overdrive w/ Isaac Rudansky *Review*

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Hey all!

In this video, I go over Isaac Rudansky’s Agency Overdrive and whether it’s worth your buck.

I go over 5 dimensions and rate them on a scale of 1-3.

1 meaning that dimension is absolutely horrible and there’s nothing to talk about, and 3 meaning the dimension is there and in excellent quality.

The 5 dimensions are:

1. Author credibility

2. Content quality

3. Content quantity / breadth

4. Support provided

5. Price & value of the product – is it worth it?

So let’s start from the very beginning!

1. Who is Isaac?

Isaac is the founder of AdVenture Media and a talented marketer. You can take a look at his website here: to see some of the clients him and his agency work with and the work they have done – it’s quite impressive!

Isaac has 4 courses on Udemy teaching in detail Google Ads, Facebook Messenger bots, remarketing, and landing page conversion rate optimization. All courses have nearly a 5.0 star review average and a combined total of over 150,000+ students. Not an easy feat with that many students.

He also has a YouTube channel and has been uploading content since 5 years ago. That shows his dedicated and commitment to the game and portrays him as a real online marketer and not a fake guru who just showed up out of nowhere claiming that his courses are the best.

So, for Isaac’s and therefore Agency Overdrive’s credibility, I’ll give him a 3/3!

2. Is the course filled with content you don’t need?

Not going to beat around the bush – Isaac gets straight to the point in every one of his videos. No BS, no motivational speeches for hours, just pure knowledge he obtained from hours upon hours of work with small and large clients.

Isaac has a knack for teaching and goes into detail when explaining concepts. He tries to explain the “why” behind every ‘what” so that you can remember concepts that much easier.

I have taken numerous courses in the past and was extremely frustrated and disappointed at how a vast majority of them waste your time with useless motivational talks that you don’t need to make the course appear longer.

Videos in Agency Overdrive range from 30 to 90 minutes in length, his goal is not to inflate the course time, but to to provide all the information needed so that you can succeed with your marketing.

I can totally respect that and that adds immensely to the quality of the course.

For this metric, I will also award a 3/3.

3. Does Agency Overdrive only cover a small component or teach you as much as possible on as broad a range as possible?

Although Isaac covers a ton of useful and relevant information, there are some pieces that are still in development, such as LinkedIn ads, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

Right now there is emphasis on Google ads, conversion rate optimization, and Facebook ads, which is amazing at least from my point of view, but others might be interested in learning more about the various other marketing networks, and those are still being worked on.

Content is great and very varied, especially if you are an ad agency or have lots of client interaction, but I would give Agency Overdrive a 2.5/3 for this metric since it doesn’t cover some of the other less-known online marketing tools.

4. Does Agency Overdrive offer the support you need?

Agency Overdrive will give you access to a Facebook group and if you have any questions, you can submit them there or as a comment on the corresponding video in the library.

However there is no “contact support” option on the Agency Overdrive page anywhere, and some of the questions take a while to be answered on the videos, so I will have to give a 2/3 for this metric.

5. Price & Value of Agency Overdrive

Personally, I would pay $150-$200 monthly to gain access to this membership site.

It contains value and content that you cannot find anywhere else – I already tried and had to come back to Agency Overdrive for the information.

The membership site actually only costs $100/month, however they currently have a discount going on now, and if you use my link, you can get it 70% off, costing you only $30.

Here is the link again: https://laserfocus– />
So easily a 3/3 for this metric!

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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