Apple 14” MacBook Pro – Long Term User Review!

Apple 14” MacBook Pro – Long Term User Review!

After spending 200+ hours with this beast, here’s my long-term experience and review of the 14″ Apple MacBook Pro. Is it worth the price tag and what are the pitfalls after a month of usage?

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This 14″ M1 Pro MacBook spec:
Original MacBook M1 13″ 1 Year Review:

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0:00 – Apple 14″ M1 Pro
0:58 – The Specs
1:38 – The New Design & Size
2:26 – New Ports
3:00 – XDR Display Redesign
5:34 – M1 Pro Chip
7:20 – Day-to-Day Usage
8:30 – MagSafe 3 & Battery Life
9:40 – New Keyboard
10:20 – New Speakers & FaceTime Webcam
11:58 – What’s The Point? + Giveaway


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Apple 14” MacBook Pro – Long Term User Review!

10 thoughts on “Apple 14” MacBook Pro – Long Term User Review!”

  1. I switched to Mac about a year ago and it’s 10 times better than any windows laptop the problem is how to get a laptop for my wife that doesn’t like Mac?🤷‍♂️ everything else out there seems like a crap compared to it.

  2. I am going for this one. As my first laptop for my master's does it go well with office 360? I never been into apple ecosystem,so is there any advice you can give me

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