10 thoughts on “B2B SEO: 3 Tips to 3x Leads from Google”

  1. This is very interesting Ryan, great content and thank you for sharing! I'm wondering, does it help to get a page ranked faster and also drive conversions by sending Ad traffic to the blog post? I'm asking because the goal (at 5:23) reads "Smart Goals (for Adwords) Goal 1 Completion", and I think it would make sense to send signals with Ad traffic, I just haven't tried/tested that yet. Thanks! #miamilocal

  2. Hey Ryan? Quick question

    I am watching. Your videos and getting excited about SEO..

    what do you think should I join your blueprint training or not? Because I am blank total beginner

    Also, I don't know English well? Living in third world country i.e Pakistan

    So what r your views that ….can I start serious agency as yours?

    Hoping your reply?

  3. Two questions:

    @19:44 – really like the direct book a call with us feature using calendly instead of a contact form. However, how are you filtering crap/junk/spam leads from taking time on your team's calendar this way?

    @40:00 – I get keywords shouldn’t drive content creation and instead support topics being created, but where are you finding topics to kick off this whole pillar/spoke process, to begin with?

  4. Thank you for your insight! Just feedback: It would much easier if you could split your video into sections. That would be much easier to navigate throughout your whole video

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