Best Music for YouTube Videos [Monetize and Avoid Copyright Strikes]

Best Music for YouTube Videos [Monetize and Avoid Copyright Strikes]

Adding music to videos can drastically improve the video quality, but it can be risky if done incorrectly. Using “free no copyright” music from YouTube or SoundCloud can be dangerous. In this video, I talk about three ways to get music with no risk of copyright strikes, demonetization, or blackout zones.

Epidemic Sound:

YT Audio Library:
YT Audio Lib. SFX:

Additional notes:

Free, no-copyright music on

Also has lots of free sound effects (again, some of these suck but others are decent)

Epidemic Sound (based on the size of your channel)

Make your own

If you use a song with copyrights, you could lose monetization on that video, have it not shown in other countries, you could get a copyright strike with YT (DO NOT GET STRIKES!)

You want “Royalty Free” or “No Copyright”

I recommend avoiding the “no copyright” YouTube channels. Even though they might be free now, if the artist ever decides that they want to get a copyright for that song, they can make you take your videos down or otherwise pay them – not a good situation

You could also get permission from the artists – again, watch out for sound scan



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  1. Hidden commercial. The only point of that video is to promote the pay per song website called epidemic sound. The first tip is laughable – use YouTube music library? Really dude? No one ever thought of that. Very original 🙄

  2. Oops. Tried to follow your link in 2021 and search on my own for the YT audio library and the page is no longer available. Dang. Sounded good.

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