Bing Ads and Clickbank (Direct Linking Tutorial with Clickmagick)

Bing Ads and Clickbank (Direct Linking Tutorial with Clickmagick)

Make money with affiliate marketing with Bing Ads and Clickbank by direct linking to your affiliate offers.

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Learn how to do direct linking with clickbank and bing ads using clickmagick tracking software.

Instead of building landing pages or opt in pages, you can send bing ads traffic directly to clickbank offers if you know how to properly use advanced tracking tools like clickmagick.

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10 thoughts on “Bing Ads and Clickbank (Direct Linking Tutorial with Clickmagick)”

  1. Hey Dave, thanks for the cool video!!! I followed it for my own campaign but keep getting messages from Bing that I need to setup conversion tracking. Even my contact at BIng told me that UET tag for conversion tracking is not placed correctly (I can not cause I do not own the landing page ) Should I pay any attention to it or just tell them I arranged conversion tracking using CLickmagic?

  2. Hey dave, what would you recommend in terms of easier to use for someone relatively new to the field, clickmagick or voluum? Also, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't voluum allow you to create and launch ad campaigns directly from the platform? If that's correct, does clickmagick also have that feature? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hey Dave, I seem to always run into the same issue of "final url mismatch" when testing my clickmagick tracking template link in Microsoft Ads, which causes the ad to get disapproved. When I test, it says landing page found and tracking call successful , but I always get final url mismatch. Seems to only happen when I using my clickmagick link. If I enter the CB hoplink in the tracking template box it goes through fine. Any advise on how I can fix this? Thanks for the awesome videos!

  4. Hey, dave I am getting sales but I am not understanding which keywords are helping me to get sales. All my keywords are getting a good amount of impressions and clicks but how can I come to know which keywords are getting me sales?

  5. Hello Dave, I have been watching all your videos for a long time now. You really inspire me. I keep coming back to see your old as well as the fresh content. Great Work! If you could please make a video on some other FREE tracking website like click magick.

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