Brian Dean Exclusive Interview [+ Why Sell Backlinko?]

Brian Dean Exclusive Interview [+ Why Sell Backlinko?]

Want to learn more about SEO from top expert Brian Dean? Wondering how and why SEMRush acquired Backlinko? In this video, you’ll learn more about Brian Dean, his SEO techniques, how he develops his businesses, and why he decided to sell Backlinko…

What we’ll cover:
00:00 Introduction
00:27 Backstory
05:24 Why selling Backlinko
10:08 Current Income Streams
18:18 Niche Selection
21:30 Keyword Research
23:28 Content Types
33:47 Topical Authority
37:45 Data Studies
40:52 AI Content
42:38 Onsite Optimization
43:48 Link Building
45:12 Skyscraper
50:23 First Links to Build
53:05 Technical SEO
55:00 More about Exploding Topics
1:00:07 Debugging Lost Rankings
1:02:02 Google Detecting E-A-T
1:03:30 Parasite SEO Situations
1:05:37 Brian Dean Today
1:16:50 Conclusion

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