Build Your Personal Brand In 2022 (7 Secrets to Success)

Build Your Personal Brand In 2022 (7 Secrets to Success)

Creating a Personal Brand is one of the best ways to make more money in 2020 and in this video I share my top profit secrets with you!

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10 thoughts on “Build Your Personal Brand In 2022 (7 Secrets to Success)”

  1. Hey, Travis. I'm launching a kickstarter soon, and I'm stuck on prototypes. A protein manufacturer I'm working with will cost $3,400 for R&D service and $500 for two prototype bars. I'll need prototypes for a kickstarter to show people, but would a mock-up of a homemade bar work as well?¿ I'm wiling to pay for a consulting call with you if its available.

  2. Hey Travis, you referred me to your “STEP-BY-STEP How to Start an Amazon FBA 2020” video and I want to say I’m so grateful for what you do and your mission in helping others raise themselves.

    I’m wondering if you have or would recommend selling your passion products at a local store on top of selling on Amazon FBA. I envision mainly focusing on Amazon FBA but I’m also considering a local market as a possibility. What are your thoughts on doing this?

    P.s. I’m in the baby steps of creating a passion product. Anything helps!

  3. To be honest, starting a YouTube channel is my greatest fear. I'm not at all comfortable with being in front of a camera, or believe I've got an engaging personality to make videos. Also what happens if you don't already have a huge or supportive social circle. Does this mean you're doomed from the start?

  4. step 1 get into amazon fba early make some money get out
    step 2 get into shopify early make money get out
    step 3 forget that other garbage, make a course thats copy and pasted from someone else and capitalize on people trying to put food on the table.

    This guy couldn't figure out amazon and now hes selling a course ?? lmao

  5. I found your content regarding Amazon which led me to subscribe and led to this video. I thank you because the information will help me to create my own Vlog. I wonder how you learned to edit and add the text and visual pop up videos on the screen? Check me out on LinkedIn & please email me as I’d like to email you a gift PDF version of my Amazon eBook called COMMITMENT TO GLORY.
    If you are interested in filmmaking I can share great knowledge with you. Blessings.

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