Bumble – 1st Place – 2017 National Business Plan Competition

Bumble – 1st Place – 2017 National Business Plan Competition


Bakersfield High School
Bakersfield, CA
1st Place

VEI is a national educational nonprofit transforming students into business professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom. We partner with educators, business leaders, and industry professionals to develop the best talent pipeline in the country. We currently serve 12,000 students across the U.S., many from underserved communities.

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9 thoughts on “Bumble – 1st Place – 2017 National Business Plan Competition”

  1. One aspect that kind of bothers me is that they switch speakers to often and frequently. They obviously must have different roles in the company but they should have the person handling operations do the operation part, financial officer should do the financial segment, marketer do marketing segment etc.

    Changing speakers so often gives a rather scrambled and over all confusing feel to the presentation.

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