Business English: Presenting in a Meeting

Business English: Presenting in a Meeting

Hello there! Come in prepared for a meeting! Learn more common meeting conversations from this video.

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3 thoughts on “Business English: Presenting in a Meeting”

  1. Check this out – Create Your Video Presentation & Make Them Very Appealing

    Imagine you are giving a presentation before a large group of people your slides are full of text? How it’s going to create an impression of you? It can bore the audience, why because it is lacking that vibe that could hook the audience. So what’s that hook? Text, infographic? No. Those are Visuals, be it video or still images, turn out to be more powerful than a written text. Pictures and videos tend to attract the attention of the audience. Be it a corporate presentation or a simple presentation in a school, videos or images play a quintessential role without which a presenter appears mundane.

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