Can You Become a Social Media Manager With No Experience?

Can You Become a Social Media Manager With No Experience?

Can you become a social media manager with NO experience like some Internet gurus claim? Today I’m sharing HOW TO GET social media management experience… instead of selling something that you can’t deliver on. PLEASE WATCH PAST 5:43 BEFORE TAKING OFFENSE TO THIS 🙂

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0:00 – Intro
0:41 – My thoughts on “no experience”
5:43 – How to get experience with personal projects
8:05 – Portfolio projects
13:15 – Education
20:27 – Wrap up


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10 thoughts on “Can You Become a Social Media Manager With No Experience?”

  1. i'm so glad you made this video. this is something that has been making me uncomfortable for years. i have seen a lot of videos, advertisements for courses, facebook posts, blog posts, etc in the digital marketing world and there are so many people and course creators talking about how to get clients with little to no experience. there is a huge amount of advice everywhere about how to get clients, how to get clients, how to get clients… and the other one is, how to raise your rates (even if you barely have experience), how to raise your rates, how to raise your rates… tons of people keep talking about those topics. i see it everywhere. what i see much less of is HOW TO ACTUALLY DO THE JOB. that is not as interesting of a topic, i guess. so it's talked about less. how to get clients and how to raise your rates are much more popular topics. 🙄

    if you barely have any experience, but you know how to sell yourself, sweet talk, exaggerate your experience, and convince a client to pay you a high rate, you're just a sleazy salesperson. this is why the concept of "selling" has such a bad reputation. too many people out there are so focused on making the sale, convincing someone to pay them… but actually doing the job and being successful? that's just not the priority.

  2. do you offer any services or have any resources for building a portfolio for digital businesses like social media management and content creation? i have never found a good service or method for putting together my portfolio (digitally)!!!

  3. My personal issues on how and where to get started end eventually become successful as a SMM were all answered on this video. Thank You Ms. Latasha. Will keep tuning in to your channel along my journey!

  4. I did personal side projects as a hobby for 6 months. Got my first paid gig for $25 an hour Canadian.

    I have to say, without real work experience its extremely hard to execute even if you’re a good designer.

    I’m thankful for my previous work experience where I learned disciplines and has work ethics.

    Otherwise I don’t think I would’ve last past 2 weeks.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. As an international student about to graduate, this kind of content if very beneficial for me to help me land my full time job and maybe even freelance 😮

  6. I agreed up until 8:00 when you mentioned "portfolio project" (doing things for free). I have some experience with this, and I wonder whether this might actually cheapen your services in the eyes of potential clients. Actually, I am concerned that this cheapens the profession as a whole. Were I to do this, I would probably make some arrangement where I am at least using my services to BARTER for something which the client makes available to me, with some clearly defined stipulations. YOU MUST GET SOMETHING FOR YOUR WORK. I do think that providing social media services for a church would be an excellent way to get your foot in the door. I think a potential client would see that in a different light.

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