ClickBank Vs MaxBounty: What Are the 2 Differences?

ClickBank Vs MaxBounty: What Are the 2 Differences?

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Hey all!

In this video, I tell you the 2 main differences between ClickBank and MaxBounty as affiliate networks from which you can sell your products. Both are great, but I find MaxBounty to be just too restrictive for my taste. Here are the differences as I see them between the two:

1) CPA network vs. product network. In ClickBank, you only get paid when a customer you refer BUYS the product(s) you are selling. There is no in between – it’s either they buy, or they don’t. But as you know, there is an entire process people go through when they buy a product, so it takes much longer to do so with more follow-up required.

MaxBounty on the other hand is a CPA network – you don’t necessarily need to get the visitors to BUY any of the products you see out there – you can simply get paid to get customers as leads for the company, ie if they simply sign up.

This is incredibly useful for people just starting out affiliate marketing – you may not be experienced enough yet to get the prospect to fully commit and BUY yet, but you may be able to get the prospect to put their trust in the offer and sign in, which is step 1. Getting your prospects to trust you and your offer is the first step to get them to buy… so if you do extremely well in MaxBounty CPA offers, you know that you are doing part 1 properly and the only thing you should focus on is the follow-up and the buying stage.

2) MaxBounty is extremely restrictive in terms of everything… offers, location, what you can and cannot do… too restrictive for my taste even if they do have cool lead-based offers. Even in order to get IN TO MaxBounty, you have to fill out an application and get on a phone with a representative. With ClickBank, what you see is what you get. If you see an offer you want to promote, go ahead and do it – no need to request permissions, ask where you can and can’t advertise, etc…

I’m looking to always scale and expand successful campaigns, and with MaxBounty, that’s just not possible. Most of the time, they put in their restrictions on exact locations (so if you are anywhere outside of the US, the offers you can promote are actually very narrow), keywords you can and can’t bid on, and even your source to promote. I get it – they want quality leads. But if you’re going to control my every step, my own options to promote you are limited. Why wouldn’t I just go to some other offer that lets me do whatever I want?

That’s about it for the differences! I would still recommend MaxBounty if you can get in so that you can practice your marketing with the lead-based offers – getting the client to just sign up is definitely easier than getting them to buy. This is an excellent way to test whether your landing page is working properly or not, because getting people to sign up for your offer is the first step that indicated trust before they can ever buy.

That’s it!

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  1. Is it even worth promoting maxbounty CPA leads where the commission is around $2.00 while the cost per click for a related KW is around $1,50? The margin seems to be very small and not worth the effort. What do you think Ivan?

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