ClickMagick: How to Create a SECURE Cloaked Custom Domain

ClickMagick: How to Create a SECURE Cloaked Custom Domain

***This video assumes you already know how to add your domain to ClickMagick in the Domain Manager… If NOT – please check out this video at about 4:12 onwards – />
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Hey all!

In this video, I go over how to create a secure cloaked custom domain inside of ClickMagick, using the free software called Cloudflare and the domain registrar Namecheap.

This is really useful if you want your custom tracking domain inside of ClickMagick to be secure when cloaked, since otherwise it will show up as unsecure, which doesn’t look good to visitors seeing your site and major networks like Google that are more strict with the secure site requirements.

I am using Namecheap in this video, however you can use any domain registrar and just follow the steps required as shown here to setup the secure domain.

First thing you would want to do is purchase the domain you want to use for custom tracking.

Then, you would need to create a free Cloudflare account and enter that domain there after clicking on ‘Add Site’.

After giving it a few seconds, you would need to meddle with the DNS records for that domain.

In particular, you would need to create a CNAME record or records with the subdomain of your choice that you want to use for tracking. So if your domain is ‘’, you can use the subdomain ‘www’ or ‘track’ for example.

In my example, I used the subdomains ‘blog’ and ‘track’ and you can add as many as you want.

So you would create the CNAME record with the subdomain of your choice and point it towards

You can delete all the other records existing on that site. Also, this is assuming you are using this domain ONLY for tracking purposes and don’t have an existing website on it – if you already have a website for the domain, I would recommend buying a new domain only for tracking purposes.

After you add that, you would need to point the nameservers to Cloudflare from whatever domain registrar you are using, Namecheap in my case.

This basically gives Cloudflare permission to manage the settings for that domain even though it was bought on Namecheap.

After you do that… you are pretty much done!

Now, you just need to wait for the records to propagate, and then you would need to add it to the ClickMagick domain manager.

Then, for the tracking links used with your cloaked custom domain, just make sure to add an ‘s’ to the end of the ‘http’ in your tracking link and you would have yourself a nice secure cloaked custom domain!

That’s it!

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7 thoughts on “ClickMagick: How to Create a SECURE Cloaked Custom Domain”

  1. I love Cloudflare. I use their free service to get free SSL certificates for my wordpress sites… Btw Ivan are you still working on your affiliate marketing course?

  2. I hear people saying that if you not cloack but redirect it also should be a secure domain. You say in this video that that is not neccesary. I am confused! I do Facebook ads only at the moment so I can't event cloak because I will get banned. But the opinion differ on this.

  3. Hey, great work with the Clickmagic vids, they are the only ones showing when doing a google search with "clickmagic cpa" keyword!

    I'm getting a couple of thousand views per vid on another channel (Tier 1 traffic, mostly 25-34 women). My plan is to include a short ad at the end of each vid promoting a SOI CPA campaigns from Maxbounty! I believe a bridge/L page will decrease my conversion rate so I prefer to direct linking!

    Q: Will Clickmagic cloak/mask it enough to use the links on the YT vids description and not getting banned without using a bridge/L page? Is it a good strategy to make money?

    BTW, I'm using your link to get the 30-day trial! (I just purchased a domain from Namecheap).

  4. Thanks for the video Ivan, I have a question: Suppose I have a website hosted on siteground with domain, and I want to create a subdomain to be used as custom tracking domain in clickmagick. Now is it possible to use this subdomain as tracking domain in clickmagick? Also can I secure the subdomain with Cloudflare?

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