ClickMagick: How to Pass a Click-ID Through Your Landing Page

ClickMagick: How to Pass a Click-ID Through Your Landing Page

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to set up your landing page so that you can pass the click ID through from your landing page all the way to the affiliate offer.

This specific video is about landing pages, not to be confused with optin pages, which also contain an email submit form.

I will cover how to pass the click ID through an email optin page in the next video, but in this video, I am just referring to a page that you own that takes people from your page to the affiliate offer without needing to put in any contact details, such as email.

It’s not as simple as simply having a landing page and then ‘direct linking’ to the affiliate offer – if you do that, then the sale will be attributed to the link that has the [clickid] token in it, which would be the affiliate offer tracking link – so if you sent traffic first to the landing page before sending people to the affiliate offer, then you won’t be able to see what Sub-IDs, or in your case, keywords, etc… contributed to the sale – which is the main component of tracking when determining what works and what doesn’t.

For this reason, we must have the click ID register first on our landing page before passing it on to the affiliate offers, and that is exactly what I show you how to do here via ClickMagick.

To do that, there are 3 things we have to do.

They can be done in any order. They are:

1) Add the Javascript code before the ending body tag of all the pages you want to pass the click ID through that you control.

In ClickFunnels, we do that in the footer section, and the code basically converts the click ID token into an actual click ID numerical value so that we can pass it through.

2) We need to add the query string (either with ? or & depending on whether there is a query string already present) saying s1=[clickid] to the end of our landing page tracking link primary URL.

3) We need to change the query string token for the affiliate offer tracking link from ‘?tid=[clickid]’ for ClickBank for example to ‘?tid=[s1]’, since the click ID value has already been generated.

Once we do that, we can just add the tracking link URL of the affiliate offer to the button on our landing page and the click ID should be passed through.

You can either add the raw primary URL with the additional query string we have add, or add the tracking link with the /[s1] Sub-ID at the end of it. That would ensure that the click ID passes through successfully.

That’s pretty much it if you have a single landing page.

If you have multiple landing page offers before passing visitors on to the affiliate offer, you would want to firstly add the Javascript code on to every page that you own.

Then, you just have to add the ‘s1=[s1]’ query string to the end of each subsequent landing page that you own following the first one.

The Click ID would then be successfully passed from the first page all the way to the affiliate offer.

That’s it!

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