ClickMagick: How to Set Up A/B or Split Testing

ClickMagick: How to Set Up A/B or Split Testing

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Why should we setup split testing in ClickMagick?: 0:13

Overview of our 4 landing pages that we want to split test: 1:09

How to setup split testing in ClickMagick: 2:08

Making sure our split testing setup worked: 4:44

Hello everyone!

In this video, we will setup split testing on your ClickMagick account. As discussed in our previous post where we setup A/B testing on ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels can only manage 2 split test pages at the same time, but with ClickMagick you can much more than that!

Let’s get going!

1) Log in to your ClickMagick account.

2) Select the gear icon of the link you want changed. Then select the ‘split testing’ option.

3) Name your variations as you see fit. You can use any name to help you remember which page corresponds to which link, such as ‘diabetes with pictures’, or ‘diabetes with bold font’, etc…

4) Paste the links of your variations of the landing pages in the ‘split test URL’ spot.

5) Put in as many links as you want (I do not know what the limit is, but you can do quite a bit), and then make sure to equalize the weights so that each page has an equal chance of being selected!

6) After you put in all the links, click ‘close’, and refresh the page. You should now have your split testing set up on ClickMagick!

Simple enough! But effective!

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Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our next videos!

10 thoughts on “ClickMagick: How to Set Up A/B or Split Testing”

  1. Hi Ivan!,

    How do I track my conversions for the split test if I am using a bridge page which sends my traffic directly to my offer. ( which I dont control) Do I use a redirect link with my fb pixel and clickmagick tracking pixel on it? Or is there another way. Thanks!

  2. Hey man, really nice stuff.
    But I want to know like when we are creating different ads in one ad set on Bing so what would we put in final url.
    Because Landing Pages url will be different when split testing.

  3. Hey ivan,there is one question like i have created a funnel with clickfunnels,in the funnel i created a optin page which is my main page,then i created variation of the main page(optin page) which is basically without optin box necause i want to do split i need to do split test within clickmagick,i am getting confused ,what should be my primary link when creating tracking link?

    is it be the only link that clickfunnels provide in combine of all the pages within a funnel? or should i post optin page link which is my main page link as a primary url in clickmagick??pls help

  4. hi Ivan!, me again .. 🙂 It is possible to do split testing in Clickmagick campaigns. In this video you clearly show how to do it with Links, but I can't find a way to do it in campaigns. Thanks genius!

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