ClickMagick: How to Track Your Exact Traffic Source

ClickMagick: How to Track Your Exact Traffic Source

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Why should you determine your exact traffic source?: 0:08

What to add to your link to be able to track it: 1:35

Seeing what the tracking will look like with our new links: 3:24

Hey everyone!

In this post, I will teach you how to determine your exact traffic source using ClickMagick.

This is important especially when you are advertising your product(s) in different areas, and need to determine what traffic source(s) is (are) the best, and which should be adjusted, and which eliminated completely.

So, first thing you need to do is simply copy and paste your new, masked affiliate link from ClickMagick into your ad. BUT, before saving that ad, input a key term that would distinguish that ad term from another.

For example, if I am setting up ads on Google Ads, at the end of the link I am promoting, I will type in ‘/googleads’, to help me track down the people that click on my link ONLY THROUGH Google Ads.

You would do the same addition to any other traffic source you are using, which will allow you to track clicks coming from that particular traffic source.

You can have up to 5 different ‘Sub-ID’s’ attached to the end of your links, so there should not be a problem with variability!

After you set all these up, you will be able to see where your traffic came from when clicking on the ‘total clicks’ button in ClickMagick.

That is it! A very short, but useful and truly essential aspect of affiliate marketing. Check out our next post where you learn what a tracking pixel is and how to set it up!

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Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

10 thoughts on “ClickMagick: How to Track Your Exact Traffic Source”

  1. Nice videos, thanks for that. Just a short question: you "clicked" 4 links, but CM shows 8 total clicks? Doesn't that distort the statistics? Thinking that 100 clicks are needed to make a conversion but in fact it's only 50 clicks makes a tremendous difference 😉

  2. thanks for great video I have a question. Please help me bro! In 5:30 how can I set up conversion for each of the sub-ID? Like how can I know out of many kinds of traffic source, where exactly the optin comes from? Thank you very much

  3. Great Vid Thank You. Only Trouble Is I did Not Understand Any Of It ! ! ! !
    I watched The Video 6 or 7 Times, Still Not Working For Me.
    You Do Not Explain EXACTLY How You Set Up Each Link In Clickmagik and You Did Not Explain How To Check Each Traffic Source For Stats. Any Help Would Be Quite Good.
    Thank You.

  4. I am interested in your course do you teach: click tracking, conversion tracking and traffic filter in your course? I ask because I am interested in learning how to sell solo ads and I will need to learn everything about clickmagick

  5. Thank you Ivan. I would like to find out how my affiliates drive traffic to their landing page. What would be the best way to find that information?

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