Create a KPI Dashboard with Whatagraph and Google Analytics

Create a KPI Dashboard with Whatagraph and Google Analytics

Let’s create a KPI dashboard using Whatagraph and data from Google Analytics. In this video, you’ll learn about KPIs, including what they are, how to choose them, tips for setting KPI targets, and how to create your own KPI dashboard.

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0:00 Introduction
0:49 What are KPIs?
1:31 Choosing KPIs
2:16 Examples of KPIs
2:32 Setting KPI targets
3:18 Creating a KPI dashboard
4:36 Connecting Google Analytics
6:24 Adding KPIs
13:05 Add additional charts
16:28 Add a funnel visualization
19:45 Add bar charts
21:51 Add a table
23:56 Customize branding and colors
24:33 Conclusion

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○ View the Universal Analytics dashboard –
○ Learn more about Whatagraph –
○ GA4 tutorial –
○ GA4 and Universal Analytics tutorial –

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4 thoughts on “Create a KPI Dashboard with Whatagraph and Google Analytics”

  1. Okay, I admit that I have no idea why I clicked on this video as it's subject matter isn't relevant to me at this time.

    I've watched videos of yours roughly a year or two ago so I wanted to pop in and visit your channel.
    I have to say, it's looking great man.
    Your video production, quality, and editing are fantastic.
    They were always good but you've certainly hit a new tier, and I'd argue the top tier.
    Great work. Keep it up.

  2. Comparatively, Data Studio stands to be more detailed. The only thing I have liked with Watergraph is the ease of use with the graphical aspect. Overall, the presentation was fantastic, as always. Thanks, I'd ask if it's possible to kindly do a presentation with GDS showing KPIs like this one? Great work!

  3. This might be a solution for a large company but due to the price, the company have outpriced itself for someone who is self-employed, a small business or a non-profit. We'll have to make do with Data Studio or Excel.

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