Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #3

Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #3

🔵Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #3

Today I am reviewing and critiquing yours and your clients Facebook Ads for the third time here on my youtube channel, in a new series called ‘SMMA Ad Reviews’.

I am planning to do a video like this every single month. So if you guys wanna keep seeing videos like this one, please make sure you smash the like button!

✉️ Email with the subject ‘Ads Critique’ to get your ads reviewed in part 4 of SMMA ad reviews.

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10 thoughts on “Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #3”

  1. Hello! Sir. How Are You Doing I hope You are doing well. I was just gonna ask about the 15 min agency book Is it still available? I'm a bit late. Sorry about that.
    Cheer, -Abdullah

  2. Regarding your flickering lights…
    Lights are mostly working in 60htz or 50htz.
    When accommodating for shooting you need to consider the frame rate and shutter angle.
    So the shutter speed should be either 50 or 60.
    If still not working then increase the shutter angle but doing so will require more light to be added.

  3. great content Jordan!! Thank you for sharing all this. I would go for manual focus on your camera as you dont move that much(same DOF) for the flickering, just test the shutter speed on your camera until you cannot see those flashes. Thank you

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