Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #4

Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #4

🔵 Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #3

Today I am reviewing and critiquing yours and your clients Facebook Ads for the fourth time here on my youtube channel, in a new series called ‘SMMA Ad Reviews’.

I am planning to do a video like this every single month. So if you guys wanna keep seeing videos like this one, please make sure you smash the like button!

✉️ Email with the subject ‘Ads Critique’ to get your ads reviewed in part 5 of SMMA ad reviews.

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10 thoughts on “Critiquing Your Facebook Ads – SMMA Ad Reviews #4”

  1. 🔊 DISCLAIMER: Loud crackling sounds will appear throughout this video due to an error with my microphone. However, I decided to continue uploading as I believe it's too valuable to not share here on my channel! Especially for those who participated in this month's Facebook ad review. I hope you still enjoy the video, and again I apologise for the mic crackling disturbances that appear throughout.

  2. Hey jordan, i loved the affluent academy, using the tools provided i was able to land my first two clients on my first two meetings! so Thank you for the great course!

  3. Hello Jordan, been following your videos and they have been such a blessing. Please l got stuck when l got to business manager page for FB ads. It keeps saying l have restricted access. Don't know if you could help out and give me possible solutions to this problem, thanks and keep up the good work

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