Day in the Life of an Online Entrepreneur (Realistic)

Day in the Life of an Online Entrepreneur (Realistic)

I’m Sean Todd, a 24-year-old entrepreneur/YouTuber & this is a day in my life!
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Today I’m bringing you along for a day in my life as an online entrepreneur and Ecommerce brand owner. When people think of an entrepreneur day in the life, it’s usually mansions, Lamborghinis, and partying. Although this may be true for some day in the life of a millionaire entrepreneur, that’s not the case for this one. As an entrepreneur, my day to day tasks can vary greatly, one day I’ll be focused on running Facebook Conversion Ads, and the next one I’ll be focused on running TikTok Ads or creating a ton of new content for our business. Regardless of the tasks for the day, my daily routine looks very similar as a young entrepreneur running my Shopify Brand using Facebook Ads, Facebook Conversion Ads, and TikTok Ads.

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  1. I'm in my last year of school before I take the CPA and I do not really want to work stressful weeks at a computer because I am very active and have short attention spans sitting at a computer without my ADHD medication. I really like accounting but I love to live life. People say I should take the CPA but I am worried that I won't use it in the end. I care more about relationships than I do work and I really could care less if I only make $85,000 the rest of my life. It seems most kids at my college are becoming CPA's for money and opportunity as Becker would have it but my goal in life isn't to make a lot of money it is to serve God and others. Do you have any advice?

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