Digital Marketing 101: Guide & Strategy for Beginners (All Platforms)

Digital Marketing 101: Guide & Strategy for Beginners (All Platforms)

Digital marketing was so confusing when I first started. Now having been a Senior Digital Marketing Manager and building my business with digital marketing, here’s the guide and strategy for beginners so you can truly understand the digital marketing ecosystem (across all ad platforms) and not just a single platform.

Hope this helps all the beginners out there! Let me know down below if it has šŸ™‚
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Digital Marketing 101: Guide & Strategy for Beginners (All Platforms)

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10 thoughts on “Digital Marketing 101: Guide & Strategy for Beginners (All Platforms)”

  1. Hey all…
    COVID continues to wreck havoc on so many businesses (including mine) but in particular, those who either just started or are trying to move their business online. I've seen the impacts first-hand and it's really saddening. This is the why I spent the time to create this video you're watching and hope it helps, even if just a little. If you find it useful give it a like, and share it with someone who may benefit. Stay safe, healthy and continue to soldier on, we'll all get there! šŸ’Ŗ

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