Display Targeting for Google AdWords – What are the options?

Display Targeting for Google AdWords – What are the options?

Learn about the different display targeting options you can use for your Google AdWords campaigns. This video covers display keywords, audiences, demographics, topics and placements. You’ll also learn the basics of structuring your display campaigns and why you should begin with remarketing if you’re just starting to advertise on the Google Display Network.


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10 thoughts on “Display Targeting for Google AdWords – What are the options?”

  1. When you do retargeting should you retarget only with Google Display network or Facebook or on the opposite side to make combination of retargeting ( Google, Facebook, YouTube, Adroll, Twitter, LinkedIn)?

  2. Hey Benjamin, I have a query? I see xyz.com showing google display ads on their website, but when I tried to target the same website for my ads to show via placement> targeting option; I don't see them under the website section instead see some other website, and also if I add the Website URL using multiple placements. I don't get any impression or click. Can you please explain why others are able to place their google ads on xyz.com while I am not? For example, this website: https://www.cnx-software.com/; you can see the google display ads but no option to target them on google ads placement.

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