DON’T Buy Backlinks For SEO (Until You Watch This)

DON’T Buy Backlinks For SEO (Until You Watch This)

If you’re buying backlinks OR using lists of paid backlinks – then you need to stop – and not for the reasons you think…

I’ve seen tons of people asking for paid backlink databases on UpWork, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit…But buying paid links this way – to grow your website – is completely wrong.

And if you buy paid backlinks without ANY filtering or background checking, and think this is the key to SEO, you’re not going to increase your rankings and you will stay stuck. In fact, chances are you’ll get found out eventually – and receive a penalty from Google.

Here’s why buying backlinks from public lists/databases is THE ULTIMATE ROAD TO FAILURE, how to fix it and most importantly, how to build backlinks that actually help you rank on Google.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

– How outbound link penalties work
– Why you NEED to avoid a spammy link neighbourhood
– The RIGHT way to buy paid links
– How to filter paid backlinks and find high-quality links that actually improve your website’s SEO
– The BIGGEST mistake most website owners make when it comes to paid link building in 2020


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