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Don’t do Dropshipping! I have seen a lot of YouTubers who promote DropShipping as a way to get a lot of money quickly but the truth is, it’s not. You really have to work your butt off to get money from drop shipping. Let’s be honest, as long as you hustle and work very hard, you can make money off of anything. Today, I’ll share with you a way to make money that I wish more YouTubers would share. But before that, let’s talk about dropshipping:

1. Doesn’t cost much. You won’t need a lot of money to start with Dropshipping.

1. Doesn’t cost much. This is also a con because it’s easy for anyone to start up and replicate your store, now you have competition and the sales will be split to 50/50.
2. Manufacturers can cut you off at any time.
3. There is nothing special about you. Another bigger better person can come into space and beat you.

People do pay for value, and by being the middleman, you are putting some value in the world. You are connecting the buyer and the seller. But there are better ways to put value into the world. So how do you add value to the world?

One of the easy ways to get around it is to take something you’re passionate about and create something that does not exist yet that you personally wish it did. Don’t be a dropshipper, be a product creator.

7 Steps On How You Can Create a Product: />


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10 thoughts on “DON’T DO DROPSHIPPING…Do This Instead!!!”

  1. Hi Travis yes it's probably the best thing to create a desirable product that doesn't exist yet but isn't that really expensive and time consuming? If I created a new product I would definitely apply for patent otherwise someone else can easily duplicate it and I would lose everything. Getting patent can take months to years or never. So it's very risky time consuming and expensive. I'd only try it if I'm already a millionaire and wouldn't mind the cost.

  2. The reason i started dropshipping is because i don't live in the states and the country i live in too small for a buyers market, otherwise i would have been doing traditional wholesale and hold my own stock. What is your recommendation for people in my situation?

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