Don’t Hire a Facebook Ads or Adwords Agency

Don’t Hire a Facebook Ads or Adwords Agency

3 reasons why you shouldn’t hire a Adwords or Facebook Ads Agency and in this video I will explain what you should do instead!

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In this video, I will talk about why you should not hire an agency to run your Facebook Ads and Google Ads. I talked to a lot of ad agencies and I will say 99% of them are a waste of money.

Most people that I’ve talked to that are running ad agencies don’t really know what they are talking about. A lot of them have never run ads for themselves. They always have someone paying the bills for them. That’s scary to me. I would only want to work with someone that has spent a thousand dollars of their own money on Facebook for their own ads. That is always not going to be easy to find. I recommend doing these things instead of hiring an ad agency: Teach Yourself, Take a Course, Hire a Consultant.

Teach Yourself
At least, get a basic understanding of Facebook Ads and Adwords. This is true with almost anything in life. If you hire someone without knowing anything about that thing, it’s like going to the mechanic and you know nothing about cars. They’re going to tell you things are wrong and they’re going to charge you prices that are unrealistic.

Take a Course
The next thing that you can do is take courses. When I try to learn something, I do like to take a course. You don’t necessarily need to take a course though. There are so many free materials about Adwords and Facebook Ads on YouTube.

Hire a Consultant
You can hire an hourly consultant. You could hire someone for a few hours either to teach you how to do it or just do the work for you. A lot of Adwords and Facebooks Ads is set it and forget it.

The way the agency model works don’t make any sense. Most of them won’t do a profit share. If you find one that does, maybe that’s worth trying out. However, most of them will not do that. They want something like $3000/month plus a percentage of your ad spend. If they get paid based on your ad spend, it means that your goals are not necessarily in alignment. Their goal would be to make you spend as much on Adwords or Facebook Ads as possible while your goal is to be as profitable as possible.

It takes a lot of work to set up Adwords and Facebook Ads. But once you have it set up, it’s easy.

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  2. I dont fully agree with teaching yourself.
    No business owner should be doing this himself, waste of very useful time, at least if youre business is succesful.
    Retargeting, Facebook Pixels, automation, landing pages, content, photos.
    All of this cant be taught within a day. And saying 'dont waste your money on an agency', do you mean dont waste it on an agency in general or dont waste money in general.
    Like dont waste money on any product out there?

  3. I agree to sense…cause i know its kinda overkill to charge $3000 for Google or fb ads…but it's good to have an agency that handles that…i agree that you should aleast have an understanding on things so you know if they are delivering the result you know…but yeah me personally as and agency owner only charge 750 usd for Google ads and 2% return ROI but i make sure im always in contact with the client cause on thing i realized is that most agencies just do the marketing but never keeps the business owner in the loop you kmow.

  4. If your agency isn't clearly showing you what the least effective 10% of the ad spend was over the last month (or some other arbitrary percentage/period of time), then I fully agree.
    That said, if when doing it yourself, you also don't know what the least effective chunk of your ad spend has been (or where you could spend more within your profit/new customer goals), you also have a problem.
    Been a subscriber of yours for a while Travis — have really been inspired by you Shark Tank pitch and you girlfriend's wine cards — someday I'll do this on my own too.
    (I do work for an ecommerce-specific ad agency, but I am really proud of the work we do. I do audit agency-run accounts all the time and see egregious mistakes and gross negligence quite often.)

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