Don’t Sell This On Amazon

Don’t Sell This On Amazon

There are five products that you should not NEVER sell on Amazon and I talk all about them in this video!

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0:00 Intro
0:05 1st Product
1:25 2nd Product
2:12 3rd Product
2:58 How To Choose a Manufacturer
3:09 4th Product
3:34 5th Product


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10 thoughts on “Don’t Sell This On Amazon”

  1. Does anyone know how I can solve my problem with amazon? I’ve been trying to set up and start selling on Amazon but my address isn’t validating but it is in the USPS’s database which Amazon uses to validate addresses that can receive UPS shipping. I’ve contacted their customer support through email but I always receive the same copy and paste response. Anyone have any pointers on what I can do or do o just wait until I move to a completely new location to then start selling on Amazon?

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