Facebook Ad Campaigns Stuck?!! Do This…

Facebook Ad Campaigns Stuck?!! Do This…

Facebook ad campaigns do get stuck.

Performance can all of a sudden drop off and stay very poor for an extended period of time…

Or it can stop delivering all together.

In this video I explain how you work out whether or not your Facebook ad campaigns have gotten stuck…

And what you should do to fix that problem.

If your Facebook ad campaigns are stuck in a rut you are very unlikely to see great results.

Watch the video now to make sure your Facebook ad campaigns aren’t stuck.


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10 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Campaigns Stuck?!! Do This…”

  1. Hey Ben, my events managers are recording purchases but my campaigns aren’t. Any advice with that?

    I bring in abiut 5 sales and then the campaign Just tanks since there are no purchases being recorded, at least I think that’s why it’s tanking.

  2. Sir Good Day. I have a question. why do my Facebook ads take so long to be active on the scheduled date? Then, sometimes when its active and no one engages in my Facebook ads, but Facebook is already active? Thanks 🙂

  3. Hello, my ad has been approved it says it should be delivering but 24 hrs later, no impressions, no money spent, no nothing but it says active. I already deleted the campaign and everything

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