Facebook Ads 2021 | $50M ‘Secret’ Facebook Ad Strategies

Facebook Ads 2021 | $50M ‘Secret’ Facebook Ad Strategies

Facebook Ads 2021 | $50M ‘Secret’ Facebook Ad Strategies
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10 thoughts on “Facebook Ads 2021 | $50M ‘Secret’ Facebook Ad Strategies”

  1. Hello. I sat through an entire "live seminar" for free ad templates as promised on one of your YouTube advertisements. However, there were no free templates provided, just up-selling. Please advise on how to obtain the templates. Thanks.

  2. Hey Jason, awesome video! I am spending a lot of money on facebook ads already and I have a question about the retargeting CBO campain. Which audiences do you put in the CBO axactly and whats the priod of time for view content, ADC, Initiate checkout etc. Is it all the same how do you do it? Thanks in advance!

  3. This is gold man! Although I've been using this strategy, I mostly use target cost in place of the 50 conversions/week math. Could you explain what you do with the winning ad from the ad set with $71/day budget? do you duplicate it into a new CBO campaign targeting cold audience interests?

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