Facebook Ads has CHANGED NOW?! (Watch BEFORE You Spend on Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads has CHANGED NOW?! (Watch BEFORE You Spend on Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads has changed now?! You need to watch this before spending more money with Facebook. Facebook announced a big ads and algorithm change that will and HAS impacted all advertisers and businesses on the platform along with Instagram.
Here’s what you need to watch out for on Facebook ads and my recommendations on how to react to this big Facebook algorithm change.

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10 thoughts on “Facebook Ads has CHANGED NOW?! (Watch BEFORE You Spend on Facebook Ads)”

  1. Warning!

    If anybody wants to AD on Facebook, you must consider carefully. Because they will charge after the expiry of the AD period without consulting you. Hence, you must immediately remove your Credit card information upon expiry of the AD. However, please also note that even though you want to remove your credit card information, it’s very difficult to remove because of how Facebook works, it is very hard to remove easily. I recently had this bad experience and have lost money because of it. They have debited 3 times from my credit card without my consent.

    They are so cunning and practice in dirty business.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi. It doesn’t matter what I do, my ad keeps sending default welcome messages instead of my custom made Manychat sequence.

    Can I choose to take traffic to a website url instead of messenger, but have the website be a messenger growth tool url?

  3. I had a bill for £2700 for 2 weeks advertising on an ad I knew nothing about. I only found out when I was noosing my own as on Saturday night. I and my bank desperately tried to contact Facebook at the same time as being In the phone to each other, to no avail. No phone number, emails, help centre went round in circles refreshing the page instead of progressing, no live chat. So I got my Visa card stopped immediately. Facebook took £600, £600, £700 and another £700 over 2 weeks!! Visa are clawing back the money.

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